About Us

Your destination for everything ARTS & CULTURE in Miami, Key West and Fort Lauderdale.

Arts Decoder Miami is a digital all-inclusive arts & culture guide for you to use to find opportunities, connections, services, and entertainment, so you can live creatively. Discover Miami, Key West and Fort Lauderdale based artists/creatives, places to go, art events, creative communities to join, cultural groups to join, find arts jobs, volunteer opportunities, local arts news, event reviews and so much more.

We focus on the following creative scenes: visual arts, culinary arts, sports, science, nature, performing arts, literary, digital/tech, historical, multi-disciplinary arts & cultural (ethnic & religious) communities and the creatives in them.

We cover the South Florida area from Miami-Dade county, Monroe County to Broward County.

This platform was created from the heART as we researched and listened to the needs and wants of South Florida’s creative communities. We wanted to fulfill these creative’s desires by developing a way in which the voices of the creative communities can be heard, their work can be acknowledged and the community at large (and visitors to the area) may engage with them, bridging gaps and sparking new interactions between people in the community. ArtsDecoderMiami.com was the answer to it all.

Our overall mission in positively impacting the communities we cover includes:

  • Supporting the mental health and emotional well-being of the people in the community by giving them a space to share their artistry on our platform for FREE in order to get noticed, feel noticed and not feel isolated from the community as creatives with wonderful works of art to share.
  • Boosting social cohesion to offset negative stereotyping between communities in the area in relation to race, religion, age and social classes by exposing and encouraging locals to participate in the numerous arts & cultural events in the area.
  • Stimulating the local economy by driving locals and tourists to buy from local creative businesses and organizations.
  • Helping to stimulate job growth in the area as we help drive more locals and tourists to patronize with local creative businesses and organizations.
  • Helping people with past criminal backgrounds find employment through the arts.
  • Helping creatives in the community connect with the resources they need to grow their hobby into a business.

We believe everyone has a creative side to them that deserves some shine. If you want to be featured on ArtsDecoderMiami.com, let us know at hello@artsdecodermiami.com