Multidisciplinary Artists Brigette Hoffman And Santiago Paredes To Exhibit At The Miami Gallery, Tomas Redrado Art

Tomás Redrado Art, the Miami art gallery offering the world’s most comprehensive and inspiring present Argentine art catalog, has announced their latest exhibit, featuring the works of multidisciplinary artists Brigette Hoffman and Santiago Paredes beginning February 19, 2023, at NE 2nd Ave and NE 82nd St in Miami.

Artwork by Brigette Hoffman

The exhibit will feature paintings and sculptures with vibrant colors that come alive during daylight. The gallery has an abundance of natural sunlight for a well-balanced innate illumination of the artworks, which is why the exhibit will open Sunday, February 19 at 4:00 pm (EST).

Urusla by Santiago Paredes

Gen-Z tastemaker Tomás Redrado, CEO and Founder of Tomás Redrado Art, is one of the hottest gallerists in Miami, already creating waves for his impeccable taste and not-to-be-missed exhibitions. “I was lucky enough to travel from a very young age and go to the most important museums in the world, I think all of that opens your mind. I always liked art and had the fantasy of exporting culture. I want to be a cultural bridge builder,” said Redrado.

Tomás Redrado, CEO and Founder of Tomás Redrado Art

Brigette Hoffman and Santiago Paredes had an instant synergy when they met and this is their first exhibit together. They both have a loose, relaxed and playful approach to their art. There is also a natural approach to painting which they share and the result is very whimsical, finding their voice through the use of color and shapes.

Hoffman is a contemporary artist from Miami and her work provokes the naive through child-like impressions and a youthful palette. Hoffman’s work has evolved from painting into sculpture and whatever material she had in her hands which became a medium for her to mold into her own little universe. “I gained a freedom of sorts to express myself without the limits of a two-dimensional canvas, turning ideas in my head into real and tangible figures, shapes and structures,” Hoffman explains.

Artwork by Brigette Hoffman

Based in Argentina, Paredes is known for his vibrant digital paintings inspired by contemporary culture. Drawing similarities between art and music, Paredes strives to create visually balanced and harmonious images, often emulating the rhythm and gesture of a song. “I paint on very large canvases and my inspiration comes from multiple sources! Being open to all kinds of influences gives a lot of diversity to the work and widens the possibility of being surprised,” says Paredes.

Studio Nuevo by Santiago Paredes

Hoffman sells her artwork in the US and Germany and Paredes sells his throughout the US, Europe and South America. Both artists are selling their work starting at $3,000 and are available for purchase at Tomás Redrado Art.


About Brigette Hoffman

Brigette Hoffman was born in 1991 in Miami, fl. here she currently lives and works. She was raised in America during the gangsta rap nineties to German and Latin American parents. Hoffman completed her BFA at The Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg (Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Hamburg) Germany, where she began her early career. Her first institutional exhibition was held at The Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany in 2019 titled ‘ ‘ALLES KNETTEN, metamorphoseeines Materials’’ (all you knead, metamorphosis of a material). A group exhibition highlighting plasticine modeling clay, one of Hoffmans’ favorite materials. The exhibition was dedicated to the fascinating uses of this material in film, art, and design, from the 1950s to contemporary pop culture. Hoffmans’ work draws on figurative sculpture, physical animation and painting. She blends references on themes like play, domesticity and the family, sexuality and identity, money and materiality, death and the divine. Her installations showcase a wide variety of materials in order to rediscover a lost language of form and color. While her characters can appear unrestrained and wild, they simultaneously depict a childlike simplicity, frankness and innocence. Most influenced by elements of popular culture and the media, she creates surrealistically charged scenarios filled with primitive symbolism and emotion. Hoffman’s mini worlds are anti-imperial and non-hierarchical. With a youthful palette, her intuitive process brings the material at hand to life.


About Santiago Paredes

Born in 1988, Santiago Paredes lives and works in Buenos Aires.  He has conducted clinics and work analysis with Fabian Burgos, Nahuel Vecino and construction workshops with Sebastián Bruno and Andres Sobrino. His main training as a painter was working as an assistant to the artist Daniel Scheimberg.  Among his individual exhibitions, the following stand out: “The future is like jelly, transparent” Young Art Biennial at the C.C. Recoleta (Bs. As – 2022); “There is a snake in my boot” Moria Galería (Bs.As – 2022); “A kiss behind the back” Samara Contemporary (Toronto – 2020); “Significant caress” with Elisa Strada in Moria Galería (Bs.As – 2019); “The floor is Lava”, Moria Gallery (2019); “Tropical Mechanic”, Mundo Dios (Mar del Plata – 2018). Paredes main group exhibitions include, “Afterlife” curatorship of Argentine contemporary art proposed by Sothebys at One Thousand Museum together with historical works by Warhol, Basquiat and Cruz Diez (Miami – 2021); ̈Camino de Cintura ̈ with Franco Fasoli, Nicolas Ever and Otto Garabello at Kreisler Gallery (Madrid – 2020) and “Mental Tourism” Moria Gallery (Bs.As – 2020).


Photos Credit: Brigette Hoffman, Santiago Paredes And Tomas Redrado Art

Date Posted: February 17, 2023

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